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There is something for everyone in these books – whether laughter, amusement or life learning lessons – so make sure you share them with all the women and men in your life . 

Real People
Real Comments
“I could not put it down – it’s so real and personal, and the use of internet conversations (emails and IMs) is very modern. I am going to strongly encourage my sister (19) to read it – it’s a great guide for young adults, especially ones who might be bright, but are still sheltered and naïve.”
C.C., 4th grade teacher, 25

“In talking about some personal financial issues with my husband, he suddenly bursts out with ‘What would Black do?’ We immediately had our answer.”
L.C., writer and editor, 46

“School should prepare a student for the rest of his or her life. There aren’t many classes kids can take that are more relevant than yours.”
J.A., education philanthropist

“The KIPPsters’ reactions to the program have been very enthusiastic. Not only have they told us they feel more confident about financial matters, but more importantly they understand how their values align with their financial decisions.”
M.F., co-founder of KIPP

“This is the first book I have actually understood when it comes down to financing. I can read it without looking anything up on the internet.”
Student, KIPP Houston High School, Class of 2010