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The Book Club Approach To Personal Finance & Life 101
a companion guide for teachers, organizations, book clubs, families,and individuals
by Red and Black
Red is the younger sister (a redhead) who took the path of being a stay-at-home mother and wife while Black (a brunette) personified the role of the professional career woman in the male-dominated oil and gas industry.
ISBN#: 978-0-984-09671-8
8.5"x 11", soft cover, spiral boundh flaps, 184 pages
April 2011

When we were asked to develop and teach a course on financial literacy based on our original book, we knew it had to be more than just teaching students how to balance a checkbook. After all, that's just math. It had to be about teaching them how to question what they're spending their money on to make sure they're making smart, conscious decisions. And understanding how your values align with your financial decisions. Soon we were approached by individuals, schools, organizations, churches and synagogues who wanted to use What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired! for educational, philosophical and spiritual purposes, but also wanted a companion guide. So, when we developed our submittal for The Texas Education Agency to qualify our book and program as personal financial literacy (PFL) materials, we expanded it to cover "Life 101" topics. The Book Club Approach is an easy and fun guide that takes you through our book chapter by chapter, meeting and exceeding the topics required by the (Texas) State Board of Education.

Real People
Real Comments
“This is the first book I have actually understood when it comes down to financing. I can read it without looking anything up on the internet.”
Student, KIPP Houston High School, Class of 2010

“School should prepare a student for the rest of his or her life. There aren’t many classes kids can take that are more relevant than yours.”
J.A., education philanthropist

“The KIPPsters’ reactions to the program have been very enthusiastic. Not only have they told us they feel more confident about financial matters, but more importantly they understand how their values align with their financial decisions.”
M.F., co-founder of KIPP